Mad Mad West 2019

Competition Rules

Competition Organizer(s)

Mad Mad West is sponsored and organized by West Connection. Final decisions on any matter rests solely with the Competition Organizers.

Event Rules

  1. Wristband must be worn at all times; workshops, contests & parties
  2. West Connection and the Organization take no responsibility for any lost valuables
  3. Physical Injury
  4. Attendees shall accept the decisions of the Organization & Professional staff

General Competition Requirements

  1. Competitor Eligibility:
    1. Must hold an current Event Pass
    2. Must sign a waiver
    3. Must pay appropriate competition entry fee and complete any required forms
    4. Must register by official deadlines outlined in the weekend schedule
    5. Meet all other individual and general requirements outlined in this document
  2. Age Requirements & Age Sensitive Divisions:
    1. Jack & Jill: minimum age to enter is 18 years of age at the time of the first day of the event
    2. Should the WSDC mandate specific age requirements for competitions, those rules shall be followed
  3. Waiver Forms:
    1. Every competitor must sign the appropriate waiver before being allowed to compete
    2. Competitors under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign any required forms
  4. Role/Gender Requirements:
    1. People of any gender can choose to lead or follow; entering 1 skilled division as either a Leader or a Follower, within their respective skill level division.
  5. Appropriate Behaviour & Dress Code
    1. Actions deemed ‘inappropriate’ (i.e. Wearing inappropriate attire or showing disrespect toward one’s partner, other dancers, or the event) is strictly prohibited. Competitors should check with Event Organizer or Chief Judge in advance if they have any questions.
    2. Competitors are encouraged not to wear jeans or outfits that are ‘too casual’ for competitions. Please contact the Chief Judge or Event Organizers with any questions.

Competitor Responsibilities

  1. Be Informed
    1. It is the responsibility of the competitor to check the weekend schedule in advance
      1. Plan arrival times accordingly in order to meet registration deadlines. It is the competitor’s job to check for any changes to previously announced timetables.
      2. Contests will start promptly, according to the timetables
    2. Schedules are always subject to change
  2. Know the Rules
    1. These rules, as well as WSDC rules, should be read by the competitor
    2. Adherence to said rules are the responsibility of the competitor
    3. Any questions about specific contests should be asked in advance
    4. Questions should be directed to Head Judge or Event Organizer(s)
  3. Be prepared
    1. Competitors should be present in ballroom 15 minutes prior to specified competition time
    2. Appropriate attire should be worn
    3. BIB numbers are competitor’s responsibility; they should be in place (to be worn on the back) at time of marshalling

General Information

  1. Entries per Division
    1. There is no limit to the number of entries per division or contest
    2. If there are fewer than 5 entries in a division, the Organizer reserves the right to;
      1. Combine or cancel the division
      2. Dance the division as an exhibition
      3. Adjust prizes accordingly
  2. Music
    1. Event DJ(s) will select music
    2. Information about said music will not be provided beforehand
    3. Length of music is at the discretion of Organizer(s)
  3. Rounds
    1. Preliminary, Quarter-final, and semi-final round will be run in a heated format
    2. Finals may be run as a heat or as a spotlight, this is decided by the Organizer(s)
    3. Strictly Swing may be sent to finals if there are less than 15 couples entered
    4. Organizer(s) will follow the WSDC Tier Guidelines for Jack & Jill divisions
  4. Cancellations
    1. Cancellations made after registration deadline will not be refunded their entry fee
  5. Scoring Review
    1. Competitors’ dance scores will be available for review after awards on Sunday
  6. Petitions for Division Reclassification
    1. The (WSDC) World Swing Dance Council Points Registry will be used to determine eligibility for the West Coast Swing Jack & Jill Skill levels. Current points information is available online at for reference
    2. If a competitor feels uncomfortable in said division, they may petition for reclassification by filling out appropriate form
    3. Petitions will be reviewed by a committee, including the Chief Judge
    4. Contestant will be notified as quickly as possible. The decision is final
    5. The Organizer(s) reserve the right to reclassify any contestant for any reason
  7. Changes to these Rules
    1. Every effort will be made by the Event Organizer(s) to comply by these rules, however they reserve the right to make any changes they seem fit or necessary

Contest Requirements

  1. All contests must have a minimum of five (5) entries in each role, to be a valid contest
  2. There will be a minimum of (6) Judges for Preliminary competitions; and a minimum of (5) for Finals
  3. Contests are scored by computer using Relative Placement. In Preliminary, Quarter-final and Semi-final heats, competitors will be judged individually, and as a couple in finals

Division Rules

  1. Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill competitions celebrate the spontaneous aspect of swing dancing and the ability to dance with a variety of partners. Competitors enter as individuals and dance with a randomly chosen partner. The DJ chooses the music, and Leaders and Followers will have several partner changes during the preliminary and semi-final rounds. Competitors will be scored on Timing, Technique and Teamwork. Those with the highest scores will be recalled to dance in the final rounds. During the final, competitors are randomly paired, then scored as a couple

  1. Entry
    1. Competitors enter as individuals
    2. Competitors may only enter one (1) skill-level division Jack & Jill (Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star)
    3. In addition to the skill-level division, competitors may enter Sophisticated Jack & Jill, if applicable
  2. Division Qualifications
    1. Qualifications allow dancers of similar abilities to be grouped together in the same division
    2. Classifications are based on WSDC recommendations. If competitor does not feel comfortable dancing in said divisions, a petition form may be requested
    3. Synopsis of WSDC Division recommendations
      1. Newcomer – For individuals who have never competed, or just started competing without success in prior competitions. WSC basics should be known.
      2. Novice – Have Newcomer points or have previously competed at a Novice level. Competitors may stay until they have 30 Novice points.
      3. Intermediate – For competitors with at least 16 Novice points or less than 45 Intermediate points.
      4. Advanced – For competitors with at least 30 or more Intermediate points or less than 60 points in Advanced. Competitors with All-Star points failing to meet failing to meet requirements to dance in All-Star division
      5. All-Star – Competitors who have earned at least 45 points in Advanced accumulated within the last 36 months’ period. Competitors with All-Star points can stay in category if they earned at least 3 All-Star points within the last 36 months’ period. Competitors willing to return to All-Star category need to accumulate at least 10 Advanced points within the last 12 months’ period.